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Canada is among the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. People from all over the world migrated and settled to become Canadians, contributing to the GDP as well as the enriching its life as a Nation. A developed nation, Canada is known for the quality of life its people enjoy.

If you have some questions regarding your future to even further your experience of your life, you are on the right page pointing you towards a genuine astrologer in Canada!

What’s Astrology?

Since the word ‘astro’ in astrology refers to huge celestial bodies in our solar system; they are believed to be influencing our fate according to our ancient scriptures and sages who have written those scriptures. The future is heavily dependent on our past and present which is also revealed by astrology. However, there would always be a school of thought who will always doubt on the subject as well as what it could do or reveal.

Your past your birth date is the key to know about everything astrology has to reveal. Let the best of the astrologers in Canada find answers for your questions so that you can put your future in front of your past.

What all different types of astrology studied around the world?

Not only India, but the curiosity to know about what’s going to happen next has also led them to come up with their own versions of this subject. Some are considered to be better than the others depending upon their own experience; if the subject was able to reveal what they were looking for, it’s good enough; and vice-versa for not a good enough experience.

Such is not the case for astrology since an Indian astrologer mostly work with Vedic Astrologer which is calculation based. Much of maths goes behind reaching some final answers for future. This branch of ‘seeing and telling’ future is unlike Tarot reading or Divination which required getting ‘connected’ with ‘divine source’ through meditative or trance-induced states.

For those interested in knowing some other forms of astrology are:

  • Nadi Astrology
  • Tarot Reading
  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • Trance-entering
  • Vastu Shashtra

Many astrologers work on one specialization and then delve deeper into other forms as well to know more of these predictive sciences. After all, these subjects can get addictive. However, people around the world who have come to know about Indian system of Vedic Astrology have developed faith on it and trust it more than anything else!

Some of the testimonials can vouch for the popularity of Vedic Astrology not only in India but around the world. Get online reading in Canada from right where you are from expert sitting thousands of miles away!

What to expect from an Astrologer

Many people get caught in the vicious circle a fraud astrologer might create. They can wrong you in more ways than one. Nurturing trust in an expert takes time and better (rational) judgement so if you are not ready to give that kind of involvement with an astrologer, you should probably stay away from it and let the course of time run while doing your best.

You need to also know that an astrologer is just like every other professional; she is practicing and learning and then learning more by more practicing through the cases comes to her. Experience makes her better just like others. So an astrologer can never be God just like a doctor can’t be. Do not expect stars. However, with a seasoned expert who is among top astrologers in Canada can reveal much.

You can trust a good astrologer to be:

  • Great in making Natal Charts by getting necessary details from you
  • Posing no non-required intrusive questions
  • Watching out for the needs of the Native
  • Analytical to deduce meanings and interpretations from serious calculations
  • Meticulous in watching out for all possibilities
  • Searching for the answers in ‘your’ stars
  • Softening the blow life has to throw on you
  • Putting money secondary and prioritizing your worries
  • Destroying myths that shroud astrology
  • Saving you unnecessarily spending money

If you are not looking for instant gratification, avoid online readings from sites that are there just to collect and sell your personal info even if they say they don’t do so.

Which aspects of life Astrology can be consulted in?

Since human life is incomplete with all the colors of relationships and peace and trauma these might bring in depending on the case, it can get pretty complex at times. Some situations seem more manageable than the others, more so because a human brain has boundless capabilities that unlock only when it’s focussed. To achieve that state, some Jyotish insights into your day to day issues can be ideal.

Avail best Jyotish in Canada for insights on:

  • Legal disputes
  • Marital compatibility
  • Marriage disputes or discord
  • Business/Job/Investment related concerns
  • Issues regarding Childbirth
  • Concerns regarding travels
  • Sale or Purchase of property
  • Physical and mental well-being

The best astrologer you can get in Canada

Ms. Khushboo Shokeen is a renowned and well-established name when it comes to the best pandits in Canada. She has been featured in many magazines and bestowed with many awards for her dedication. Her commitment to further the reputation of Vedic Astrology has made her found Astrology Club. She also mentors many young and brilliant minds globally to shine in this subject to eradicate fraudsters from this profession.


Job/Business Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Marriage Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Child Birth Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Health Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Court Case Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Match Making Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Travel Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Property/Vehicle Report

INR - 2100 | $40

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What is a Rising Sign or Ascendant?

The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is present in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of an individual.

What Is Zodiac?

Zodiac is the belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

What is Moon Sign?

The Zodiac sign where Moon is placed in your natal chart(Birth Chart) is called your Moon Sign.

If I Don't Have My Date of Birth Can Astrology Help Me?

Yes there is horary astrology for people who donot have their birth details.

Is Astrology 100% Accurate?

No.Or Rather I would say that Astrology is 100% correct but Astrologers arenot.It is a very divine shastra that cannot be understood completely in one lifetime.

How Do I Find A Genuine Astrologer?

A genuine astrologer will always address your query and try to make you understand the reason behing your problems rather than scaring you with terms that you hardly understand.A good astrologer would be god fearing so he will never try to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Can We Predict Using Numerology?

Yes, Numerology can also be used for predictions. It gives accurate insights regarding your future be it years or months.

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is like the picture of the sky at the time of your birth.It shows the exact positive of all the planets and the houses they occupy when you were born.These are then used for predictions.

Can Astrology Change Destiny?

Yes Astrology can show you the path walking on which you yourself can change your destiny.

Can Astrology Predict Future?

Yes Astrology can give you a fair insight of what to expect in your future.It can tell you the possibilities and timings of major events in your life.

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