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Kerala is an enchanting place with a green countryside, beautiful houseboats on the backwaters, people from around the globe and a thriving population with a gratitude for Nature. The ethnicity of the state makes it among the most visited tourism destinations years after year. COVID-19 might have introduced few changes in the way people work, live and travel, the zeal to be here has never lessened.

For those staying here and wondering about the prospect of the time ahead, you are most welcome on the page of one of the top astrologers in Kerala, Mrs. Khushboo Shokeen!

What’s Astrology?

Every time you read about astrology, newer definitions appear, by people with different perceptions at various places of origins of this predictive science. It looks into the future of human beings depending upon how his birth time is demarcated by various planets, moons, stars and nakshatras.

A genuine astrologer in Kerala, your city, would be more than happy to lay it bare in front of you so that you know what can be trusted and what needs to be frowned upon. Since astrology gets combined attention and involvement from other subjects like Alchemy, Meteorology, Astronomy and to some extent medicine and politics as well, what’s to be believed and what not stays a mystery for common folks.

If all the tough-and-out-of-league subjects haven’t got you running away, you are in the right place. You can begin with a reading from a reputed online astrologer in Kerala.

What all different types of astrology studied around the world?

Since everything humans have created had a calling, a strong will to discover something new and strange but unique is always celebrated, especially in modern times. In the way it opens up a novel world of understanding and communicating with a different realm altogether, astrologers are considered a different species! Moreover, it evolves and get better with each new place it get introduced to. Astrology is no different here.

Different people at various places around the world came up with several ways to relate future of human aspirations, some of which are:

Vedic Astrology
Tarot Reading
Vastu Shashtra
Nadi Astrology
Runes Reading

Yet others are called by the name of the place of their birth, like Japanese, Srilankan, and likes. Astrology as moved from one place to another from ancient times also took move of each civilization it has been to. Still, Vedic Astrology is as we recognise in India is among the most exact when it comes to revealing what future holds.

Your queries and your worries related to your future are all meticulously handle by highly trained astrologers under the guidance of Ms Khushboo Shokeen, among the best jyotish pandit in Kerala to be contacted!

What to expect from an Astrologer

Astrologer can be many things for you once you know you found a trustworthy one. She could be a Guru, a Mentor, a Well-wisher offering best advices with respect to your life-related queries, and a real junk if you have landed a fraudster.

You need to be on high alert while seeking astrological consultations. The space is full of genuine as well as people posing-as-genuine.

A reliable astrologer would:

Take only the necessary details and work on them
Derive charts from those details to seek answers for you
Take the necessary time without jumping on conclusions
Offer glimpse into possible future and solutions to concerned issues
Not misguide you and make you beware of areas where others can
Act as myth-busters
Not scare you about your future to force you buy

Again, just to make sure you settle on someone genuine, you need to be running away fast if an astrologer claims to be 100% right or asks you hefty amount of money to change your future as you want because that’s not really possible. Don’t let your tough-time get through your head.

Any decent astrologer, beginner or expert would steer clear of such suggestions. So land on a good astrologer in Kerala with all those insights enlightening you!

Which aspects of life Astrology can be consulted in?

When you are too clueless in a situation, astrology can help, irrespective of the aspect of life you are struggling with. Since astrology has got your back covered with the natal charts, it’s like a key to every lock in your life. Best astrologer in Kerala might not come free but they are the right people to get some deep jyotish insights here in Kerala.

You can get astrological consultation and reports on your:

Matchmaking, if you have found the most suitable one
Fate of marriage
Becoming a parent
Business or job prospects
Legal matters
Planning of traveling to a certain place
Property Purchase or Sale
Health matters

The best astrologer you can get in Kerala

Since the page belongs to the site of the renowned astrologer Ms Khushboo Shokeen, you would get to know about her and why she could be a big assistance in your next successful or say purposeful step in your life.


Job/Business Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Marriage Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Child Birth Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Health Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Court Case Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Match Making Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Travel Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Property/Vehicle Report

INR - 2100 | $40

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What is a Rising Sign or Ascendant?

The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is present in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of an individual.

What Is Zodiac?

Zodiac is the belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

What is Moon Sign?

The Zodiac sign where Moon is placed in your natal chart(Birth Chart) is called your Moon Sign.

If I Don't Have My Date of Birth Can Astrology Help Me?

Yes there is horary astrology for people who donot have their birth details.

Is Astrology 100% Accurate?

No.Or Rather I would say that Astrology is 100% correct but Astrologers arenot.It is a very divine shastra that cannot be understood completely in one lifetime.

How Do I Find A Genuine Astrologer?

A genuine astrologer will always address your query and try to make you understand the reason behing your problems rather than scaring you with terms that you hardly understand.A good astrologer would be god fearing so he will never try to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Can We Predict Using Numerology?

Yes, Numerology can also be used for predictions. It gives accurate insights regarding your future be it years or months.

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is like the picture of the sky at the time of your birth.It shows the exact positive of all the planets and the houses they occupy when you were born.These are then used for predictions.

Can Astrology Change Destiny?

Yes Astrology can show you the path walking on which you yourself can change your destiny.

Can Astrology Predict Future?

Yes Astrology can give you a fair insight of what to expect in your future.It can tell you the possibilities and timings of major events in your life.

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