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Known for its rapid economic growth, infrastructural zeal, unique biodiversity, and being a country poised for a great momentum is none other than Malaysia. A hub of people from all over the world and ethnicities, this small country has everything a nation soon-to-be listed as developed nation is expected has.

Your future in Malaysia is brighter than ever when you ought to hear the exact same words from some of the very good astrologers in Malaysia!

What’s Astrology?

The term ‘astro’ says a lot to all who have some inkling about the word. It’s mostly about planets and other space bodies but not in exact physical ways of the [popular space sciences. Indian mystics and yogis of ancient era have delved deep into the ways celestial bodies like planets and stars can affect human beings. For all those who believe, they have decoded much of it and gave birth to what we today understand as Vedic Astrology to predict future of human beings.

It all begins with the birth of the person, the time and the positions of the corresponding heavenly bodies. The best astrologers in Malaysia would be able to decode the messages and meanings these convey. To see into your probable future can be empowering.

Astrology can be highly rewarding when insights are offered by an expert!

What all different types of astrology studied around the world?

In Mathematics (and in real life too!), same solution can reached through different methods. People with an interest in such predictive sciences like Astrology understand that just like Maths, many types of it pertaining to various areas got developed in different parts of the world over time.

In India itself, we have many aspects of astrology, like Palmistry, Vastu Shaashtra, Ank Jyotish (Numerology), Horary Astrology and Nadi Astrology (of South India). Around the world, the popular versions of Astrology include but not limited to Tarot Reading, Runes Reading, etc. Then, there are those categorised by the places of their birth and practices, like Japan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and more.

For your questions, find a genuine astrologer in Malaysia who is well-versed in more than just one type of astrology to be able to offer you a better picture.

What to expect from an Astrologer

Astrology is a practicing science just as the doctors. The more they practice, the better they get at it. Experience therefore is highly valued in subjects like this. Still, an astrologer at times can make mistakes because probability of something happening is around 70-80%; a range of 20-30% predictions still can be wrong or misinterpreted.

Therefore, even the top astrologers in Malaysia sometime may come across as making wrong prediction, which can also be a sign that you were headstrong adamant in making true the opposite of what’s predicted.

A good Astrologer would:

Predict on the basis of birth details by preparing the Natal and related charts
Analyze on the basis of calculations made from the chart
Answer as per the query posed
Identify ways/solutions/Jyotish remedies to mellow the effect of tough time
Tell the bright side of the tough times as nothing is what it seems in time
Not fool around and misguide you for money
Try to remove misconceptions as much as possible
Not scare you in any way

We hope that you have come to the experts in your first attempt and did not come across fraudsters before. Fraud astrologers specialize in not caring for individual feelings and emotions and do opposite of everything listed above. Be wary of anything that doesn’t feel right and look for signs. Immediately run in opposite direction if you spot one.

These times of pandemic are really tough for many people; be doubly sure by getting consultation from an online astrologer in Malaysia!

Which aspects of life Astrology can be consulted in?

Our sages studied astrology not as a predictive science but to understand life itself. Different Natal Charts gave different insights on how same birth timings can create completely different human beings which could be due to Karmic debts as well. Decoding every aspect of life on its own could be a challenge but astrology tries to make it somewhat simpler given an expert astrologer tries to view it.

Free astrologer in Malaysia can be a fraud but great jyotish insights can be reached in various aspects of human life, such as:

Professional and Financial concerns
Legal matters
Marriage or Matchmaking

Childbirth delays or miscarriages or stillbirth
Property Sale or Purchase
Travel schedules
Health issues

The best astrologer you can get in Malaysia

While there are many experts available, astrologer Ms Khushboo Shokeen, is among the most renowned on this subject matter. She has bagged most coveted for awards. She founded Astrology Club, for the like-minded astrologers to get better on it and discredit fraudsters from this line of profession.

Connect with her to know what this astrologer, best in Malaysia, has to offer in her consultation for you!


Job/Business Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Marriage Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Child Birth Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Health Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Court Case Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Match Making Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Travel Report

INR - 2100 | $40

Property/Vehicle Report

INR - 2100 | $40

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What is a Rising Sign or Ascendant?

The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is present in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of an individual.

What Is Zodiac?

Zodiac is the belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

What is Moon Sign?

The Zodiac sign where Moon is placed in your natal chart(Birth Chart) is called your Moon Sign.

If I Don't Have My Date of Birth Can Astrology Help Me?

Yes there is horary astrology for people who donot have their birth details.

Is Astrology 100% Accurate?

No.Or Rather I would say that Astrology is 100% correct but Astrologers arenot.It is a very divine shastra that cannot be understood completely in one lifetime.

How Do I Find A Genuine Astrologer?

A genuine astrologer will always address your query and try to make you understand the reason behing your problems rather than scaring you with terms that you hardly understand.A good astrologer would be god fearing so he will never try to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Can We Predict Using Numerology?

Yes, Numerology can also be used for predictions. It gives accurate insights regarding your future be it years or months.

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is like the picture of the sky at the time of your birth.It shows the exact positive of all the planets and the houses they occupy when you were born.These are then used for predictions.

Can Astrology Change Destiny?

Yes Astrology can show you the path walking on which you yourself can change your destiny.

Can Astrology Predict Future?

Yes Astrology can give you a fair insight of what to expect in your future.It can tell you the possibilities and timings of major events in your life.

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