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Child Birth Report Services

After marriage, the most important turning point that’s associated with positivity and destiny is childbirth. Couples no doubt look forward to becoming parents at some point in their lives. They might have attached some ifs and buts for various reasons concerning professional life, financial commitments for welcoming a new life, work-life balance where moms are concerned; but never if they should have one (or more).

So where does an astrologer really come into this picture?

Role of an astrologer in childbirth

As with everything else, astrologer appears only when a situation is considered as an issue. Following could be situations where a skilled and experienced astrologer can come to your help in:

  • Conceiving
  • Knowing the time of birth
  • Removing obstacles barring a healthy pregnancy
  • Curing multiple miscarriages
  • Foetus’ health
  • Mother’s health
  • Knowing if it’s Normal or surgery childbirth
  • Stillbirth

It takes many houses, planets, planetary motions, nakshatras and many other factors that can be decisive in you having a conceiving and finally delivering a healthy baby that brings joy in your life. Also, the birth charts of both husband and wife are to be matched in order to get to the depth of the cause that is affecting their childbirth. Only after that, a remedy could be suggested.

As per the astrological view, the problems related to childbirth could be divided into the following:

  • Problems in conceiving
  • Problems due to infertility males
  • Problems due to infertility females
  • Problems due to Dosha
  • Problems due to Natal Charts (Dasha Time)
  • Problems due to Transit periods
  • Problems due to hormonal issues
  • Problems through IVF method

How we can help

Since all the above problems can have a completely different backdrop in astrological terms, the remedial approach is also going to be different for each one of them. We take care to read the charts for both of the husband and wife, go in depth of the birth charts and other charts derived from it.

We believe that any problem related to childbirth can be resolved if one is determined enough. We would love to be a facilitator in your cause and assist you in getting your own bundle of joy in as less time as possible by removing all the astrological obstacles and then letting the stars favour you.


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What is a Rising Sign or Ascendant?

The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is present in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of an individual.

What Is Zodiac?

Zodiac is the belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

What is Moon Sign?

The Zodiac sign where Moon is placed in your natal chart(Birth Chart) is called your Moon Sign.

If I Don't Have My Date of Birth Can Astrology Help Me?

Yes there is horary astrology for people who donot have their birth details.

Is Astrology 100% Accurate?

No.Or Rather I would say that Astrology is 100% correct but Astrologers arenot.It is a very divine shastra that cannot be understood completely in one lifetime.

How Do I Find A Genuine Astrologer?

A genuine astrologer will always address your query and try to make you understand the reason behing your problems rather than scaring you with terms that you hardly understand.A good astrologer would be god fearing so he will never try to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Can We Predict Using Numerology?

Yes, Numerology can also be used for predictions. It gives accurate insights regarding your future be it years or months.

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is like the picture of the sky at the time of your birth.It shows the exact positive of all the planets and the houses they occupy when you were born.These are then used for predictions.

Can Astrology Change Destiny?

Yes Astrology can show you the path walking on which you yourself can change your destiny.

Can Astrology Predict Future?

Yes Astrology can give you a fair insight of what to expect in your future.It can tell you the possibilities and timings of major events in your life.

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