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Why Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient system that combines art, architecture, astrology, and astronomy in building, designing, and arranging any building. The elements and energies involved, help in enhancing health, wealth, happiness, and positivity.

Vastu shastra is a science of direction based on the main 5 elements, i.e., earth, water, air, fire, and space known as Panchmahabhootas. These 5 elements are responsible for the existence of life. The matching of wavelength between the structure and a human called resonance is responsible for the growth. If a structure is not in resonance, the forced activity will lead to conflicts.

Vastu Shastra aims at providing positive energy by eliminating negative energy. From a survey analysis of the client’s area to designing solutions for the same will help in financial prosperity, career growth, good health, and mental stability. While planning to buy or rent a place for home, office, showroom, or factories, one must look for Vastu planning and layout designing to have perfect resonance for continuous growth.

People usually fail to implement the Vastu in houses, flats, showrooms, offices, hotels, and factories due to lack of knowledge and resources. Perfect Vastu implementations can only be achieved through a knowledgeable Vastu expert, that can help in bringing positivity and prosperity in your set-up.

Mrs.Khushboo Shokeen is an expert in Vastu Shastra who can help you design your space with the best of principles in Vastu and give you genuine remedies if needed. Services you can avail are :

  • Vastu-Visit for residence
  • Vastu-Visit for Office
  • Plot Selection
  • Vastu setting on Maps
  • Remedies without demolition
Vastu For Residence

The flow of energy is always from the main door. This place has to go with the terms of Vastu to let the ray of hope, positivity, and profitability to enter the house.

  • The main door should open towards northeast, north, and east where north-east is the most auspicious direction.
  • It should be the most appealing door of the house.
  • The use of wood for the entrance door is always recommended.
  • The doormat at the gate will help in keeping the dirt and negativity outside the house.
  • Mirror to be placed at a right angle to the entrance to reflect positivity inside the house.
  • It should not be painted black.
  • It must open in a clockwise direction.
  • It must not be on the same level as the level of the ground.
  • A simple and attractive nameplate will get more opportunities.
  • Avoid using sliding doors for entrance.
  • Shoe racks shouldn’t be kept at the main gate.
  • Septic tank should not be in front of the main door.

For keeping the peace and harmony between a couple, design and location of a bedroom plays a vital role. Vastu tips will help bringing a couple closer.

  • Master bedroom should ideally be in south-west zone for a prosperous family life.
  • North-east or south-east directions for bedroom must be avoided as they give rise to illness and quarrels respectively.
  • East and North-west directions are good for child’s room.
  • Guest room can be in north-west direction.
  • Television and computer should not be placed in bedroom.
  • Mirror should not be placed in front of the bed.
  • For sound sleep and good fortune, head should be in south and feet towards north.
  • Never sleep with your legs facing towards southern direction.
  • Paint your bedroom with light colors like off-whites and nudes. Avoid dark colors.
  • Avoid keeping broken objects or non-working objects in bedroom and make the place cluster-free to create harmony.
  • Use of aromatic candles and diffusers will keep the place fresh and refreshing.
  • Avoid using beds with round shapes.

Agni, Lord of fire, must reside ideally in the house. Have a look at the points for setting up a kitchen according to Vastu homes:

  • Kitchen should be in south-east direction of the house. If not possible, North-west direction will do the work.
  • Never make your kitchen in north direction.
  • Appliances like gas stove, toasters, chimney, etc. should be kept in south-east direction of the kitchen ensuring positive energy.
  • Since fire and water are opposite elements, gas stove and wash basins should not be placed in the same row.
  • Wash basins should be towards north or north-east direction.
  • Storage place should be towards south-west zone of the kitchen.
  • Vibrant colours should be used in kitchen
Toilets and Bathrooms:

House plans according to vastu must never ignore the placement of toilets and bathrooms as this is the place where waste is eliminated.

  • The north-west direction is ideal for bathrooms, septic tanks or washing area.
  • They shouldn’t share the wall with a bedroom, spiritual room or kitchen.
  • If the bathroom is attached to the bedroom, try to always keep the door closed.
  • Never use any holy or spiritual stickers on bathroom door.
  • Ventilation is important to let go the negativity.
Study room

Study rooms, a place where one can attain high concentration and focused environment, must be placed in a dedicated manner.

  • While studying, face should be towards northeast, north or east direction.
  • Avoid making open book shelves.
  • Square and rectangular shapes are ideal for the study table.
  • Avoid using circular tables for studying.
  • Yellow colour is best for improving the concentration.
Living area

This is the place where one socializes and spends quality time with the family.

  • North and East zones are ideal for living room as they invite guests and brings prosperity in the family.
  • White or light shades of blue or green promote affection and togetherness in the family.
  • Paintings depicting happiness and love should be put to get more positive outlook.
  • Living room should not contain beam running over the ceiling.
  • Placement of sofa against east or north walls.
  • Living area must be well-lit.

Spiritual place meant for attaining eternal peace must abide by some facts to let the goodwill come to home.

  • Temple must be placed in north-east direction as “eshan kon” is considered auspicious.
  • Never place a temple in your bedroom.
  • Decorate with fresh flowers.
  • Don’t keep the photographs of ancestors or dead people inside the temples.
Vastu For Flats?

People who are not constructing their homes from scratch and are willing to buy flats or apartments must look towards some Vastu shastra for flats to have a home with positive vibes.

  • Try to choose flat whose main door open towards north-east direction.
  • Door must not open in front of the lift.
  • Kitchen should not be in front of the main door.
  • Never choose a flat whose balcony is in south or west side.
  • Door should open clockwise.
  • Go for square or rectangular shaped building rather than circular shape or any other irregular shape.
  • Check whether the number of doors and windows in that apartment are even in number.

Other than this if you are buying a property that is already constructed you can get a consultation and choose genuine remedies without demolition.

Vastu For Office?

Office design and layout has a great impact on financial growth. The science involved in Vastu Shastra resonates well to keep the graph high.

  • Entrepreneurs should face towards east, north or north-east direction as this will increase financial growth.
  • Marketing and sales department should be in north-west zone facing towards north-east direction.
  • Accounting department should be in south-east corner facing north-east direction for more wealth.
  • Top management should choose a place in west zone for good leadership and hold.
  • Placing a mirror on the northern side of north wall will welcome the god of wealth, Lord Kubera.
  • Go for rectangular shaped wooden table without glass or any other material used for office and meeting.
  • Sleeping on desk spreads negativity.
  • Placement of turquoise pyramid on desk will foster better communication.
Vastu For Showroom?

Aligning the facts of Vastu while constructing showroom will help in boosting the sale.

  • Shops facing North or east are considered good.
  • Wind zone is the North-west zone and it is said that nothing stays here. Try to keep the new arrivals and sale products on this side.
  • Storage zones are south, west or south-west.
  • Placing products at north east zone may lead to losses.
  • A copper vessel filled with gangajal should be placed in temple made in north-east zone.
  • Cash counter should face towards north.
  • Centre should be kept empty.
  • Opt for marble or wooden flooring.
Vastu For Hotels?

Cherishing the hotel business with the tips and science of Vastu Shastra will welcome a large number of guests.

  • Entrance must be welcoming, well lit, decorated with fresh flowers and fountains to have an amazing first impression.
  • The plot can be of rectangular, square, circular, octagonal or hexagonal in shape.
  • North and east side must be open to road. If possible, go for open road on all the four sides.
  • On the ground floor, reception, kitchen and cafeteria is must.
  • Kitchen must be located in south-east direction with proper lighting and ventilation.
  • First floor should be kept for conference hall.
  • Balconies should be in north or east direction.
  • Use of warm colors like cream, brown , yellow or shades of blue will keep the place more welcoming and nourishing.
  • Avoid using cool colors.
  • Bathroom should be in north-west or west direction.
Vastu For Factories?

Factory is a place of your dreams and its profit has a huge impact on one’s financial growth. Vastu tips will help to plan it successfully for long run growth.

  • The entrance must be massive and should be in north, east, or north-east direction for better opportunities.
  • Build the office in the north or east zone facing the same.
  • A compound wall for the factory is a must and must be built on the south or west side.
  • Place the workshop in south or south or south-west direction and strictly avoid north-east direction or center for the same.
  • Place heating equipment in south-east direction Temple should be in the north-east corner.
  • Toilets should be placed in between west and north – west direction or south and south-east direction.
  • Storage of goods in south, west or south-west direction.
  • Placement of pumps and tanks in the north-east area only. Avoid the south-west area.

For a complete Vastu Analysis of your residence or office please contact us.Mrs.Khushboo Shokeen offers simple yet effective remedies without demolition to help you achieve peace and prosperity.



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Vastu Shastra FAQ

Is Vastu Shastra Scientific?

Yes maximum number of rules that are used in Vastu as based on scientific principles. A learned Vastu consultant will always be happy to share the same with you.

How does Vastu Shastra effect us?

Vastu Shastra is the management of natural energies around us like solar energy, magnetic filed of earth and gravitational pull. Hence when we live in accordance to the nature our health prospers. When our health is fine we have peace of mind which in turn gives us the ability to work and earn our living.

Why is North East direction considered so pious?

North East direction is given importance in Vastu as it is the combination of North and East. Our magnetic force flows from North to South and Solar energy runs from East to West hence Northeast being the combination of both is always advised to be kept clutter free.

Why there are so many myths related to Vastu?

The reason behind this is that too many consultant these days do not know the logics behind the rules and hence create unnecessary fear in people. One should always try and understand the logics behind so that they can understand why they need to follow the Vastu principles.

Are South facing plots always bad?

Not at all. They just need to be planned according to the Vastu principles. A good Vastu consultant can easily design the space to ensure maximum benefit for you.

Do Vastu remedies work?

Yes they certainly do but if you expect them to create miracles overnight you will be disappointed. One should always try doing remedies based on logic rather than superstition.

Why it is advised to sleep with our head in South direction?

Earth has a magnetic filed extending from north to south. Our body is also like a magnetic with our head being the positive pole and feet being the negative pole. Now when we sleep with our head in South we are in perfect alignment with the Earths magnetic filed and we do not repel. It gives good blood circulation too which enhances the quality of our sleep and our health.

What is Astro Vastu?

Astro Vastu is the concept of combining the horoscope of the client while applying the rules of Vastu. Not every rule can be the same for everyone hence Astro Vastu gives better results as it is more individualized.

Can Vastu be done without visiting the site?

Yes in case you are able to visit the site you can do the Vastu placements and setting over the Map.

What is the best to get Vastu done for your house?

The best way is to hire a Vastu consultant right from the beginning. It is best if you can make the structure according to the principles rather than doing the remedies later.


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