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Welcome on this page which talks about Mrs Khushboo Shokeen and her Astrology Club, the team of astrologers she nurtured so meticulously. You can really get to know her even if you are not seriously considering an astrology prediction anytime soon.

Because you never know

Life is full of surprises and it’s not life if the road ahead is not a little bumpy (actually too bumpy to our taste sometimes!). Though we do not really choose what life presents to us, we can definitely choose how we respond to it. That response can sometime go in our favour or against it. A series of unpalatable responses though can really turn our life upside down and lead us to believe that misfortune is in store.

Meet Mrs Khushboo Shokeen!

Working relentlessly for 12 years, she wants to make you believe (and has succeeded in doing that to some extent!) that sometimes a little help could go a long way when everything seems bleak. Her enthusiasm in the field of astrology along with her keen observation of the charts and corresponding personality traits has led her to believe that every problem has a solution.

Astrology is her instrument!

She loves to assist those in need with her in-depth knowledge of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and Tarot Cards. Her believe to assist as many people as possible led her to found Astrology Club, a team of talented astrologers just like her having vast experience in Astrology and related fields.

Awards and Recognition

Her dedication to the subject of astrology and commitment towards the people in general has helped her achieve coveted titles like Jyotish Shiromani and Ank Jyotish Shiromani. She has also pursued her interest in Tarot Reading to the extent that she has been awarded the best tarot reader in Delhi. She is also an expert in Vastu Shastra.

Who knows what more titles are coming her way the way she is neck-deep in the ocean of scriptures and literature on predictive sciences!

Her interests, her guiding stars!

Mrs Shokeen is interested in anything and everything that has a potential to help her gain more perspective on how the future can turnout for someone. The subjects are many, the topics are limitless and the depth of these limitless.

Her interests have kept her on her toes to learn more and more. The very natural step to this is to make others interested in the subject at least as much knowledgeable as she is. No wonder she has taught students across the globe, thanks to this age of revolution in digital communication.

The number of students that are vying for her attention continues to increase. Some of the most talented ones get to be a part of Astrology Club who would love to pursue a career in astrology. Those are people who share the belief of helping out those who are ending up making wrong decisions somehow. A little help could go a long way for them, for you.

Her ethics, her USP!

Having seen people through thick and thin, she grew up to be very empathetic. She wants to reach out to all those who are dealing with issues in any area of their life, be it career, finance, love, marriage, litigation, you name one and chances are she can help you get through it just fine.

What make her different are her ethics and belief systems, which by the way her Astrology Club also swears by.

Scaring her clients for the sake of one-way monetarily-benefitting relationship is never on her agenda. She is the first one to burst any myth that comes as a baggage with astrological predictions. She sees every problem with an eye of an expert and offers practical follow-able advice, not some mumbo-jumbo that make you shift when you think of astrology.

What do you think?

Now that you have a fair understanding, would you like to unburden yourself of your issues and hand them over for an expert perusal?

We would love to be of your assistance, so that you sail through life in as fun and happy way as the life is determined to be!

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