Prediction Based Courses

International Certification

Live Online Classes

100% Assured Placement


Prediction Based Courses
International Certification
Live Online Classes

100% Assured Placement


About Mrs. Khushboo Shokeen

Working relentlessly for 12 years , Khushboo Shokeen is one of the most popular names in the field of Tarot Cards, Numerology, Reiki Healing & Vastu Shastra. She loves to assist those in need with her in-depth knowledge of these subjects. Her dedication to these subjects and commitment towards the people in general has helped her achieve coveted titles like Jyotish Shiromani and Ank Jyotish Shiromani. She has also pursued her interest in Tarot Reading to the extent that she has been awarded the best Tarot Reader in Delhi in 2016.
So if you wish to start your journey of this mystic world come join her!! Check More



Predictive Advance Courses

Our Courses are designed in a way that they turn you into a professional. You can start earning as soon as you finish the course without any hesitation.

International Certification

We Provide you an international certification from IPHM which enables you to practice worldwide.

Live Interactive Classes

We provide live interactive classes online so that you can comfortably study from home without the hassles of travelling.

Detailed notes & case studies

We provide detailed notes so that you do not face any problems during & after the course. Case Studies are included to make you confident in the course.

Remedies Included in Every Course

Not only Predictions, but me make you a pro in Remedies also so that you may practice efficiently.

Weekday / Weekend Options

We have a lot of options in batches for you to choose from so that you may study without effecting your work schedules.



This course will help you master Tarot Cards & use them to guide yourself or others in the times of need.Tarot is a subject of divination and if learnt in the right way can make your life easier and simpler.


Learning Numerology can help you understand the world of numbers and can help in mafesting your dreams & goals.You can learn how to predict confidently and make a career by doing this course.


Reiki Healing is an energy healing course which is of utmost importance in todays world as everyone is under immense stress.By doing this course you can learn how to handle and come out of any situation that bogs you down.


Vastu Shastra is the shastra of rules and regulations laid down to live in harmony with the nature and its energies.If we dwell in accordance to the natural laws we are bound to be succesful in every sphere of life.


What is the Medium of the Classes?

The classes are held Live on Zoom or Google Meet. Classes are fully interactive with full participation from every student and enough opportunities for you to clear your doubts.

What is the Frequency of the Classes?

There are multiples batches running at a time. Some are twice a week and some are thrice a week. Both Weekday and Weekend batches are available.

What is strength of a Batch?

We take around 6-8 students in a batch so that you get enough attention of the Mentor and each student can clarify the doubts.

What happens if we miss a class?

You get a backup class if you have informed us well in advance. For students who do not inform and miss the classes, no backup is given.

Are the Video recordings given after the class?

Yes, the videos are provided for a limited period of time after each class for your revisions.

What qualifications are required to do this course?

Since the courses are more about passion and intuition, qualification is rarely a hindrance for a serious Tarot enthusiast. However, for the purpose of ease and convenience, anyone above 18 who passed 12th standard can apply for the course.

Is there any installment facility?

Yes, we have a 2-installment payment model if you don’t wish to make one-time payment. For details, please contact us.

Are notes provided for the courses?

Yes, we provide very detailed notes. Each and every topic is explained by the Mentor in the Notes.

Is there any certificate given for the courses?

Yes, every course you do from us will be certified by IPHM.

Do we get support after completion of the course?

Yes, for 3 months after course completion we support you in establishing yourself.

In Case of doubts whom should I contact?

You can ask your doubts in your classes. Other than that you can contact your Mentor through WhatsApp or mail and she will reply within 24 hours.

Can I join more than one course simultaneously?

Two courses going hand in hand is often the norm at where we teach because serious student do not underestimate the value of time and connecting two courses in a way to arrive at a more holistic consultation.

Will there be practical & assignments?

There will be both Practical and Assignments based on real-life case studies. The online classes will prepare you for both of the assessment methods and help you gain confidence as you progress into the course.

How can i pay my fees?

You may pay online though the link or account transfer or paytm or gpay as per your convenience.


Child Birth
Court Case
Match Making


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Destiny, a very controversial word!! Some Astrologers believe it can be changed and some argue it cannot be altered as it is pre-written. But In Geeta, Lord Krishna says your destiny is the result of your past and present Karmas. This clearly means we have some scope to alter it by our present birth Karmas and also we can get a glimpse of our future through a learned astrologer.

The Best Astrologer in Delhi, Mrs. Khushboo Shokeen, is the founder and owner of Astrology Club. Not only a master of her subjects but she is also a relationship and life coach. She firmly believes that the only way to change your future is to first know what lies in it and then try changing it in the best possible ways! She guides her clients on the right path not only in practical life but also in spirituality.

She is the lead astrologer at Astrology Club which she founded to realize her dream of helping people all across the globe. She wants people to understand this mystic world of Astrology and not to be scared by it.

She had a keen interest in this mystic field since childhood but her actual journey started 12 years back. She has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards, and Vastu Shastra since then. She has also taught thousands of students globally who are now practicing individually.

She is a master in Tarot Cards and considers it her favorite to teach, though for predictions she uses Nadi Astrology along with Numerology. At the Astrology club, she has always been very strict not to fool anyone by scaring with the taboos related to this field. She firmly believes that the future cannot be altered without God’s grace and only positive karma on your behalf can get you God’s grace. If you follow the righteous path in life, do not get swayed away by failure, there is no need to be scared by terms like Dosha, Rinn, Neech Yog, Kaalsarp Dosha, etc.

All these are terms used to misguide clients without telling them the real meaning and truth behind them. Astrology on the contrary is a Shastra that should be used to enhance your confidence by knowing what lies in the future for you so that you can prepare accordingly. It is true that you cannot change your destiny altogether but yes you can take steps to reduce the bad effects which can be done under the guidance of an expert astrologer like Mrs.Khushboo.

Mrs.Shokeen apart from being an astrologer is a counselor and life coach too. She practices healing techniques like Reiki and gives counseling sessions for problems in Marriages, Relationships, and Mental Health. She can show you the right way to live when you are depressed and down in life.

So for any problems related to Marriage, Health, Finances, Job, Business, Property, Child Birth, etc. contact Mrs.Shokeen for genuine advice and Remedies.