International Certification

Live Online Classes

100% Assured Placement


International Certification
Live Online Classes

100% Assured Placement


Fees Starts From 5,000


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What can I do after Completion?

✔ Heal yourself with Reiki Energy
✔ Balance & Activate all your Chakras
✔ Heal others even those who are not present physically in front of you
✔ Protect yourself from any negative energies around
✔ Manifest your goals – health, wealth & prosperity
✔ Charge your crystals, stones etc
✔ Influence your children’s behavior
✔ Give a new direction to your life
✔ Kick Start your career in Reiki




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OUR COURSES & DETAILS - Offer -> 20% Off

BASIC REIKI COURSE | Fees: [INR 5,000] - [USD 100] | Classes: 8-10

✔ What is Reiki
✔ Can Reiki Harm Us?
✔ How does reiki heal?
✔ Why does our life energy deplete?
✔ Things that deplete our life energy
✔ How to see the life energy / Aura?
✔ What are the benefits of Reiki?
✔ History of Reiki
✔ Reiki Hierarchy
✔ Principles and Rules of reiki
✔ What can be healed with reiki
✔ Understanding our Mind.
✔ How our thoughts are made and controlled?
✔ Emoto Water Experiment
✔ What is Aura?
✔ Ways to clean Aura naturally
✔ Cleaning Aura with Reiki (cupping & combing)
✔ Local body part aura cleaning
✔ How often should we clean Aura?
✔ How to improve Reiki flow?
✔ What is the main purpose of healing?
✔ Precautions before you start healing
✔ How to call reiki and close after healing?
✔ How to start reiki flow?
✔ How to create a reiki shield for ourselves and others
✔ Healing yourself 24 positions
✔ Healing yourself 12 positions
✔ How to charge water for healing?
✔ Maintenance reiki
✔ Group Healing meditation
✔ Reiki for plants

ADVANCE REIKI COURSE | Fees: [INR 14,999] - [USD 225] | Classes: 15-20

✔ Basic Course
✔ Detailed study of all Major Chakras.
✔ Introduction and detailed study of Reiki Symbols
> Cho-Ku-Rei
> Long Cho-Ku-Rei
> Sei-Hei-ki
> Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen
✔ Cleaning Aura with Symbols
✔ Cleaning Aura with crystals
✔ How to make reiki symbols
✔ Symbol Meditation
✔ How to call reiki and close after healing with Symbols
✔ How to start reiki flow with symbols
✔ How to create a reiki shield for ourselves and others using Reiki Symbols?
✔ How to charge water for healing with Symbols?
✔ How to protect and charge your room with reiki?
✔ How to protect and charge your car etc with reiki?
✔ How to purify and charge crystals?
✔ Maintenance reiki with hands with symbols and crystals
✔ Making a wish box for money, health or any other intention.
✔ Group Healing meditation
✔ Distance Healing
✔ Ways and Methods of distance healing
✔ Process and Complete details of distance healing.


Know Your Mentor

Mrs Khushboo Shokeen

Working relentlessly for 12 years , Khushboo Shokeen is one of the most popular names in the field of Tarot Cards, Numerology, Reiki Healing & Vastu Shastra. She loves to assist those in need with her in-depth knowledge of these subjects. Her dedication to these subjects and commitment towards the people in general has helped her achieve coveted titles like Jyotish Shiromani and Ank Jyotish Shiromani. She has also pursued her interest in Tarot Reading to the extent that she has been awarded the best Tarot Reader in Delhi in 2016.
When it comes to teaching, she is a mentor who not only will teach you these subjects to the core but also give you practical knowledge based on her experience so that you can start your career. She has taught thousands of students all across the globe. Most of them are practicing successfully as full time consultants. She teaches in a practical way with live predictions and analysis which helps you start your career soon after you finish the course. So if you wish to start your journey of this mystic world come join her!!

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Facts To Know Before Joining The REIKI Course!

What is Reiki Healing?

The meaning of “Rei” is Universal, Spiritual, Cosmic." Ki” stands for Energy, Prana, Urja.Hence Reiki means the universal life force energy. Reiki Healing is the art of healing using this cosmic energy.

How can I Learn Reiki Healing?

Reiki can only be learned by a Reiki Master. Hence you can go a Reiki Healing course online or offline to be become a Reiki Channel.

Can anyone learn Reiki Healing?

Yes. Anyone & Everyone can learn Reiki Healing.

Can Reiki Harm Us?

No.Not At all. A Reiki healer is benefitted the most during the healing and as it is the spiritual consciousness it can never harm anyone.

Will notes be provided in the course?

Yes, Detailed notes are provided once your admission formalities are done.

How will the classes be held?

Classes are held online on Zoom or other online platforms. These are live interactive classes.

What can I do after I learn this course?

After you become a Reiki Channel online you can heal yourself or heal others with this energy.

Will I get support after the course is complete?

Yes we give 3 months support after the course is complete.

Will I get a certification?

Yes, the certificate will be approved from IPHM, UK.

How is Basic Course different from the advanced one?

In the basic course you can heal yourself and others but without using the symbols. Also you can only heal people who are in front of you. But in Advance Reiki Healing course you can heal people even when they are miles away.

Do I need to have certain qualifications before I join this course?

No, just a passion towards this course and dedication is required from your side.

What if I miss a class due to an emergency?

You will be given a class recording and doubts if any will be cleared.

Is there any installment facility for the fee payment?

Yes, we do have installment scheme. You may contact the office for the same.

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