How can you use Tarot Reading as a Career

Tarot Cards can fascinate even the most uninterested person by the imagery created on the cards, the  meaning these evoke and the combined guidance created by a specific spread to answer a question.  Such fascination can lead to either taking tarot guidance whenever a tough situation surfaces or taking a  tarot reading course to embrace this mystical predictive art as a career. Either way, the lookout remains  interesting.  

Tarot reading as a career not only involves getting to know about the art itself but also the way your  knowledge must be delivered in a very comprehensive manner. Some of the aspects that contribute in  making of a better tarot reader out of you.  

The blog is written to enlighten the aspirants to make them better prepared for Tarot reading as a  career.  

How to become a better Tarot Reader 

Since Tarot Reading is a mystical art, views on bettering it could be subjective. Nonetheless, embracing  them can help you better acquaint with the deck as a whole and the art as well. Expert tarot readers  teaching advanced tarot course may already be sharing these tips, so pay attention. 

  • Learn every card through the way of its imagery. Make connections between the images and the  meaning of the card.  
  • Taking notes as you feel about the cards in your own time (not really the study time) can help  you in making your knowledge of the cards rich. This technique often helps in making an analysis  of a tarot spread.  
  • Meditating on the different kinds of deck spreads also helps in relaying the analysis you have  made about a particular spread for a case. A practical tip like this helps to become a better  reader when you have taken it as a profession.  
  • Touch every card and try to feel the vibrations it conveys (though it make take some time  getting used to and some might never feel that way towards a deck of the cards). Take random case scenarios and analyze as directed by your teacher. Choose different spreads  and answer as you feel intuitively about it. Make notes. Learning tarot card reading online in  these times of global pandemic can leave you with enough time to practice as suggested in this  tip. So make the best of it.  
  • Meditation (yes the word comes again and for a reason!) would help you to spiritualize the  whole process and not see it only as a profession. The reading would come naturally as well,  sign of a successful tarot reader. A Tarot class or a tarot course might not emphasize enough  but we do. The more you practice, the better you become both as a person and as a tarot  reader.

Now that you have been exposed to the best ways to practice reading tarot, this section of the blog  highlights how to implement the gained knowledge in making the tarot reading into a successful career.  

How to professionally read for a client  

How to present tarot reading to the client is as important as being able to read a tarot deck intuitively and relaying the message conveyed by these to the expecting clients. Following are the tips to help you  with the process: 

  • Looks of the place matters a lot when it comes to tarot. The client should get a feel of the  mysticism when (s)he enters your place or sees if it’s an online reading for the client. Impression  takes a really important place, much before you get a chance to make actual reading for the  client.  
  • The same goes for the tarot reader. Even before you get to make a reading, you are leaving an  impression and the client is judging as to how much he credibility he should give to your  analysis. So, presentation has to be given importance. 
  • Now, when it comes to reading a deck spread, you need not go into the depth of the meaning of  the card. The client is really interested in how the deck spread guides him / her out of the tough  situation not really in the meaning of every card. So, combine your intuition with the meaning of  the cards in the places of their appearance and relay accordingly. 
  • Sometimes tarot reading can point out towards an even tougher time than the current one, you  in the power of a tarot reader must only inspire the client for a better future. Keep negative  connotations at bay and speak in a way to highlight how a tough time shapes the person for a  better time by building a stronger character.  

No amount of teachings or an online tarot course certificate can prepare you as a professional  reader if you choose to ignore the above important points. Theory after all is theory until  practiced and your tarot teacher would expose you to everything needed to set up you for a  successful tarot career.

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