Can Astrology Change My Destiny?

Before I answer this question I would like to share a short story

Once a boy went out with his friend for a day out.

It was a fine sunny day and they both enjoyed their outing gossiping and spending time together.

Suddenly out of nowhere, it started to rain heavily. The boy was surprised and could not do anything but to get completely wet. On the other hand, his friend who was good planner was carrying an umbrella and saved himself from getting wet.

Now the question can be carrying an umbrella stop the rain from pouring?

No, it cannot. The same ways Astrology cannot change your destiny but yes it can make you a lot more prepared for the times to come.

It can tell you when life will hit you hard or when your good times will come which can help you prepare for what lies ahead.

This reduces anxiety and stress too.

Astrology can help you understand your planets and hence giving you insight into your life. All your questions about your life and your existence can be understood by this Shastra.

A good astrologer can tell you when you can expect good opportunities in life so that you can grab them well and he can also pinpoint the times when you should be careful and not take any risks in life.

So I would suggest to use Astrology as a guide and not as magic in your life.

Stay blessed 

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