What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

What your signature says about You?

This article is in continuation to my last blog about Signature Analysis. Some more info is given below.

EMBELLISHMENTS – ADDITIONAL STROKES- DELIBERATE ATTEMPTS TO DRAW ATTENTION. Unnecessary strokes cause hindrance in personal growth of a person.

  • LINES THROUGH SIGN – The writer is unhappy, self-criticizing and has hatred for self.
  • UNDERLINE – The writer needs importance and recognition. He longs for a high status. Has healthy self-confidence and stability in life.
  • CIRCLES– The writer suspects others. He wants to be protected and is defensive. The writes wants to hide his true personality and they guard their secrets. These people are defensive in public.
  • FULL STOP – The writer is self-centered and thinks himself as the most important person.
  • VERTICAL LINE AT THE END– The person creates a block for the outside world and wishes to remain to self.
  • TWO DOTS AT THE RIGHT END– Such people wants to have the final word in any discussion. They do not like other people’s intervention. They are romantic by nature.
  • LOOPS – Loops in a signature shows person’s imagination is good.
  • DROP IN LETTERS – The writer is hopeless and wishes to give up.
  • INFLATED LOWER ZONE – The person has a greed for money and physical pleasure.

TRACE BACK SIGNATURE – Trace back signature is when a writer draws back a line from the stroke backwards. These writers never come back from the past. They think too much about their past and keep talking about the same.

SCRIBBLING SIGNATURE – Such writers are always in a hurry. Their mind runs faster than their hands. They don’t bother about others.

RANDOM SIGN – When there is no similarity in handwriting and signature it shows that the person is hiding his intentions. He is trying to be smart and doesn’t reveal the truth in any matter. He doesn’t pay attention to others point of view.


  • A constant illegible handwriting shows that the person doesn’t bother about the other person’s feelings and is careless and negligent.
  • Claws in a person’s handwriting or signature shows that the person is secretly violent and could be abusive. The person seems to be very nice but at the end may turn out to be violent.
  • Small handwriting is generally a sign of technical personality.
  • Omitted t bars and I dots show forgetfulness and carelessness.
  • Properly formed ‘s’ at the end of words show independence.

Signature Analysis is very interesting and can you great insights about a person’s character.

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