Signature Analysis: What Your Signature Says About You

Our signature is our unique public face. It shows our commitment, promise and intention to commit. Our handwriting shows the world about the person we are but our signature reveals how we wish the world to see us.Our signature reveals a lot about us some of which is mentioned below:

For a signature analysis we will use the sign which is used for formal purposes like signing a cheque.



If the signature of a person is larger than the script it shows that the person wants to show himself of high status. The person is egoistic. The person doesn’t admit his faults.


If the signature is the same size as the handwriting it shows that the person is modest, balanced, and natural. He is not fake in front of others. He will behave the same in public and private too.


The person whose signature is smaller than the writing has low self-confidence, demands no respect from others, doesn’t expect recognition. They lack the courage to speak their mind.


  • CONSTANT ILLEGIBLE SIGNATURE –       The writer wishes to hide his feelings. Is arrogant and wants a lot of importance. An illegible sign shows a person is not interested in communication. Is attention seeking but secretive. Illegible signature shows a desire to be seen but not known.
  • IF SURNAME IS MORE LEGIBLE THAN THE FIRST NAME–         The person takes time to mix up with people and is reserved.
  • FIRST NAME MORE LEGIBLE THAN SURNAME –     The person is approachable, friendly and makes contacts.
  • COMPLETE LEGIBILITY –         Open and straight forward person. They are happy with their life. They mean what they say and do not hide their motives. They are sensitive to how people respond to them.
  • If the first letter in the signature is in small letters means that the person lacks self confidence and has a feeling of self worthless.


SIGNATURE ON THE LEFT – Such a writer clings to the past.Doesnt want to move ahead in life.

SIGNATURE IN THE MIDDLE – Such a person has a need for attention.

SIGNATURE ON THE RIGHT – It is natural signing position. The person looks forward for future plans and ambitions.


  • SIGN RISING MORE THAN HANDWRITING– The writer is showing off his energy and positive thinking to other which is not real.
  • SIGN FALLING MORE THAN HANDWRITING– The writer is showing off pessimism which is not real.
  • RIGHT SLANTING SIGN– The writer is an outgoing bubbly person.
  • LEFT SLANT SIGN– The person is restricted, doesn’t push himself for anything.

With these tips you can try and understand your signature. For a detailed consultation on your signature and corrections you may contact me on 9953705568.

Stay Blessed!

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