What Is The Qualities of Root Numbers In Numerology?

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Today I will discuss with you the basic and intrinsic qualities of all the root numbers in Numerology. Before I do that it’s important to know what a root number is. So the Root Number of a person is derived by converting his date of birth into a single digit. (Remember the only date, no month and no year is taken).

Example if a person is born on 27-09-1982 then his root number is 2 + 7 = 9.

Like this you can calculate your number and the characteristics are given below. One thing to remember is that a person has effects of many other numbers also like life path number, name number etc. hence some qualities may differ accordingly.

Root Number 1

  • Stands out in a crowd.
  • Dominating, Independent and doesn’t like interference.
  • Shows off to impress people.
  • Have good leadership qualities. Are great as friends.
  • They have a good decision making power and are very determined for their aims.

Root Number 2

  • Great Imagination and intuition power. Physically they are not too strong.
  • Soft spoken. They fail to say no to anyone.
  • Unstable in life. They cannot do the same thing for a long time.
  • Lucky with water. They rise in life in water surrounded areas.
  • They need someone’s support and encouragement all the time.

Root Number 3

  • Ambitious and straight forward.
  • They like discipline and love people working under them.
  • They can influence people easily. Are good communicators.
  • They love eating good and sleeping.
  • Most of the times they are betrayed by their friends.

Root Number 4

  • Their life is full of ups and downs. Life is filled with surprises.
  • They are spendthrifts.
  • They are secretive in nature.
  • They do not generally get any benefit from parents or children.
  • Low decision power.

Root Number 5

  • Money minded and cash rich people.
  • They can judge people quickly.
  • They love taking risks.
  • Good in communication.
  • They benefit in travel.

Root Number 6

  • Loves beauty, nature, art, music, dance etc.
  • They do not think too much.
  • They sacrifice anything for the ones they truly love.
  • They have an attractive aura and are updated in fashion.
  • Cooks good food.

Root Number 7

  • Spiritual and lucky people.
  • Not too materialtic.They like going into depths of everything.
  • Good in research.
  • Lucky in travel.
  • They have a very different and magnetic personality.

Root Number 8

  • Very hardworking people.
  • They struggle a lot in life. They do not leave any work incomplete.
  • Always worried about future hence fails to live in the present moment.
  • They are very good friends.
  • But deep inside that are lonely as they feel the world doesn’t understand them.                             

Root Number 9

  • Very impulsive and ready to fight.
  • They take care of people who work under them.
  • Courageous and doesn’t fear struggle.
  • Marital life is full of arguments.
  • They cannot take no as an answer.

I hope you will like reading all these and remember them too. I will be writing more about these in my following articles.

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